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Ya' want to go FAST, just ask!


Our labor rate is $60.00 per hour. Our service department bills the customer Harley-Davidson predetermined flat rate time (except for electrical and custom work).

We have pick up and delivery service available upon request.

Oil and Filter change
$60.00 (add $20 for synthetic
Tune-up $120.00 + Parts
Tire replacement and Balance (off bike) $40.00
Tire replacement + Balance (on bike) Front $45.00 + Parts
(for your safety, we do not plug or patch)Back $75.00 + Parts
Brake Pad replacement $20.00 + Parts (per set)
Battery replacement & Electrical Check $40.00 + Parts
Carburetor & Fuel Injection Services
  • Carb Clean, off vehicle
  • Fuel injection programmers and fuel management systems installed
  • Carb cleaning and adjustment
  • Jet carb and dyno tune Harley
  • Install Thunder Slide kit
Supension Service and Work
  • Replace Fork Springs
  • Replace Fork Seals
  • Adjust Fork Stem Bearings
  • Replace Fork Stem Bearings
Drivetrain Service and Repair
  • Adjust/Service Drive Chain or Belt
  • Replace Drive Chain and Sprockets
  • Replace Drive Belt
  • Adjust Primary Drive Chain
  • Adjust /Replace Clutch
Other Services Offered
  • Performance Advanced Dyno Session
  • Custom Mapping Done By Tuning Link
  • Pre-Purchase Inspection
  • Install Handlebars, Cables, and Internally Wire Them
  • Install Performance Ignition on Twin Cam
  • Install Cams and Push Rods
  • Install Front or Rear Brake Pads Harley
  • Install and Custom Map Power Commander
  • Install Grips
  • Install Foot Pegs
  • Pick up Bike, 15 Mile Radius
  • Install Chrome Do-Dads and Covers Bought Here (usually Free)
  • Advice and Consultation (Free)
  • Performance Motor Build (Free Consultation)
  • Help with Chroming Your Bike Out


Includes clean, beadblast ports and chambers, machine multi-angle seats, backcut valves, reset spring heights, new viton seals

195.00 pair

Machine heads for compression releases

88.00 pair

Machine heads for oversize valves and blend

150.00 pair

AV&V or Manley high flow valves

35.00 ea

Mill heads and match CC's

120.00 pair

Machine cylinder base gasket surface

88.00 pair


Includes boring cylinders to next oversize, rebuild heads w/ multi angle valve job, new cast pistons, Hastings rings, James gaskets, fresh oil, filter plugs, rejet/tune

This is a drop the bike off price and includes Evo Sportsters



Piston/CylinderRCC Cam Plate

The KGS 98" and 107 Big Bore kits are a complete kit with the highest quality components. This kit is available for 99-06 Twin cam 88" motors and 07 up 96" motors delivers absolute top level performance.

Our kits include the following:

  • CP forged pistons 10:1 compression, MLS top end gasket sets
  • Precision bored OEM cylinders ready to install with ring end gap set (core exchange, or send us your cylinders)
  • Wood Knight Prowler hydraulic cam plate upgrade which includes hyd. cam plate, oil pump, inner/outer cam chains, cam sprockets, tensioners,  and all necessary hardware to bring your cam chest to 2012 specs
  • Wood Knight Prowler TW6-6R or TW-555-6R cams (use of TW-555-6R cams requires updated valve springs on 99-04 models)
  • Wood Performance Directional Lifters
  • Fuel Moto Quick Install Pushrods
  • All necessary gaskets, o rings, and Torrington inner cam bearings

cash & carry you install

w/ fresh plugs oil, filter

Sportster 1250 kits NRHS or Revolution Performance: Includes 2  new NRHS or Revolution Nikasil cylinders forged CP pistons, Hastings ringset, top end gaskets, recon heads w/multi angle high flow valve seats new viton valve seals, INSTALLED w/fgresh plugs, oil, filter, rejet carb


We offer full service from basic maintenance and repair to wiring, Tig welding/fabrication and paintwork.

We sell and install all brands of aftermarket engines, S&S - Ultima - Revtec

We also work on Shovelheads and Ironheads

Maintenance Schedules for Harley-Davidson Models
Miles Sportster© Buell© Touring© V-Rod© Dyne/Softail©
1K $160 $175 $190 $175 $175
2.5K $110 $199 $199 $150 $150
5K $209 $261 $261 $230 $261
7.5K $110 $199 $190 $150 $150
10K $475 $560 $560 $575 $475
NOTE: Harley-Davidson recommends that you repeat service at these intervals for the life of your motorcycle.








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